Car servicing

You should know the importance of car servicing when you buy a vehicle. It’s not just about making sure that your car is running effectively. Car servicing could be the difference between safe to drive and a road liability. Of course, a good car service can also change the efficiency of your vehicle. Take a tyre replacement for example. You might think that replacing tyres is just about keeping your car safe. But actually, softer tyres do use more petrol. A change like this could save you money and make your vehicle safer at the same time.

safety first

You should always take your car in for a service if you notice an issue that could point to a safety problem. This could be a peculiar smell such as burning. Or, it might be a noise that you can hear in the engine. If you hear the noise of grinding metal, take your car in for a service as soon as possible. This is usually, due to a serious fault within the mechanisms of the car engine. Similarly, a burning smell could point to a problem with the car exhaust.


It’s important to realise that a regular car service could improve the value of your vehicle. At some point, you might consider selling your car on. Due to depreciation, you won’t get a price anywhere near what you paid for it. But with regular car servicing to improve your car, you can guarantee you add a view thousand onto the asking price.


Using a professional car service, you might be able to improve your vehicle performance. In the long run, this is going to save you a lot of money. Without a car service, it’s common for vehicles to start losing mileage on the road. You’ll find you’re paying a lot more for petrol annually. By fixing and repairing the cars engine and exhausts, we can solve this issue.

What We Offer

We offer a quality service by a highly skilled team of mechanics. They will work to fix any problem that you might have with your vehicle. They will ensure that it is safe for the road, more efficient and that it keeps as much of its value as possible. You can trust our team to work to the highest possible standards when performing a service on your vehicle.

Our Aim

Our aim is to give you the best car service on the market with a budget beating price. We know there a number of car service companies that overcharge and offer a poor service to their customers. It is our goal to provide a better alternative to these companies with a business that you can trust.

Contacting Us

If you’re interested in a car service and live in the Southend Area, call us now. We’ll be more than happy to tell you about cost and advise you on the best possible action depending on your problem. If you can’t drive the car, we offer a collection service within a ten-mile radius.