It can be worrying when a light flashes on your dashboard. Usually, it means there is a problem with the engine. But, in modern cars, this could relate to anything within the car mechanism and control. That’s because these days cars are controlled by the ECU or engine control unit. Within the engine control unit is all the software and programmes that control how the car functions. For the car owner, the ECU is difficult to access and almost impossible to understand. That’s why you need an expert Diagnostician. At Autodynamic South East Ltd, we can provide this service to you. We’ll be able to help you fix the issue before any serious damage costs you a lot of money.

A problem within the ECU could be anything from low fluid levels or increased engine temperature. Any type of issue like this could cause havoc for the car owner. Or, it might just affect the performance of the vehicle, leading to higher costs in the long run.

Our Diagnostic Service

Since cars are jam packed with technology, to diagnose a problem you need an expert in both fields. They need to have an expert understanding of the car industry and a great grasp on technology. That’s what we provide. Our diagnosticians are highly skilled and ready for the challenges that the new tech brings.

Using specialist tech, we can check problems across a wide range of different diagnostics. This can include engine management as well as lights and wiring. There are thousands of issues that can develop within the car ECU. Without an expert diagnostician, you won’t find the answer that you’re looking for.

Importance Of Diagnostics

It is important to accurately diagnose an issue with your vehicle. If there’s a problem, it might seem like it’s just a surface issue. For instance, you might have noticed a light flashing on your dashboard, pointing to an issue with the engine. It could be a serious problem that might even affect the safety level of the vehicle. Or it could be a smaller problem that can be taken care of but isn’t always required. It’s not just about performance. For instance, we could diagnose an issue with your braking system that might mean your car isn’t safe to drive.

The problem is that the car owner doesn’t know which is the right scenario. All they can see is a flashing light. To understand what’s going on, you need to have the right equipment. This equipment isn’t readily available on shop floors. It’s only available to dealers and specialists like us.

Using technology accessible to top dealers, we can pinpoint the issue with a precise level of accuracy. We work with a number of different models and makes of cars. These include Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Each make of car is different. They don’t all use the same technology. But with the devices accessible, we are confident that we will be able to find the solution no matter what the make or model.